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Learn to cook

Most meal kit delivery services in Canada include easy and illustrated recipe cards. The instructions also help you learn basic cooking skills, such as chopping and preparing all your ingredients first. Even if your box includes all the ingredients you need to cook your meal, recipes often list measurements, so you can cook it again later. You can also learn these skills with a cookbook, but cooking from a few meal kit recipes each week isn't as overwhelming as choosing from dozens in cookbooks.

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No need to plan dinner

If you’re too busy to plan your dinners ahead, a meal kits allow you to have most weekday dinners figured out in less than 15 minutes. Some services even have the option to choose for you! Additionally, you won’t have to prepare a grocery list for your dinner or search the supermarket for an ingredient you’ll only use once, since the service ships you everything you need to cook it. Meal kits won’t completely eliminate grocery shopping (they usually don't include breakfast, lunch, and all dinners), but they make the entire process easier.

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Try new recipes & ingredients

Meal kit delivery services in Canada will save you from going through different cookbooks or recipe websites, then buying new ingredients which you may not use to cook often. Most kits have a brand new menu every week, so you'll never have to cook the same meal twice. Some recipes can even teach you new techniques and uses for ingredients you might already be familiar with.

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Change the way you eat

Looking to go vegetarian, gluten-free or trying to control your portion sizes? Meal kit delivery services in Canada should make the process a easier. All of the kits come with nutritional facts for each meal, and most meals you'll cook are well-balanced. The fact that the recipes come pre-portioned can help some lose reach their weight goals. Most kits also have vegetarian options, and a few offer plans for more specific diets, like gluten-free or low-carb.

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